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Have you decided to go out for dinner but you don't know where to go? Do you want to change your mobile phone but are undecided on which model to choose? You already know where to find the answers to these questions: the Internet.

Today, the consumer purchasing decision-making process is influenced from the very first moments following the initial input by brand reputation, blogs, reviews, and online opinions. And this is the reason that leads the best companies to integrate web activities into their marketing strategies to go hand in hand with the user of the digital age.

Digital Marketing refers refers to all those activities of promoting a brand and marketing of products and services through one or more digital channels.

Integrating Digital Marketing will allow you to reach a targeted target and you will be able to interact with it at the moment of its maximum reception, regardless of the geographical area in which you are. You will be able to track and monitor the actions of your users in real time so as to improve and optimize your marketing strategies day by day. How?

Starting from the foundations and setting up a good digital marketing strategy:

Study the audience, what they want and what they need;
Define your value proposition;
Establish the objectives to be achieved and define the business priorities;
Track the data sown by your users and are committed to generating qualified and profiled contacts in order to best respond to their needs;
Use the tools that best suit your needs.

Digital marketing strategy

But let's go more specifically, what are the tools offered by the Internet that Digital Marketing uses?

Advertising (ADV)
With advertising we refer to all those paid promotional activities of a commercial nature and / or sponsorship of a brand. In particular, you will happen to hear about SEM and pay per click (PPC). This type of activity will give you immediate visibility through online auctions for the different keywords you decide to use. The ADVs will be useful for you to compete with other online competitors, thus increasing your chances of gaining visibility. If used correctly, they will produce a return on your investments (ROI), thus generating profit for the company.

SEO and User Experience (UX)
Search Engine Optimization includes those activities of optimizing the performance of your site in terms of organic visibility and positioning for search engines. Google, Bing and other search engines reward sites with the best content and a design that is easy to navigate for users. Make your site easy to find, clear, beautiful and usable:

Make the site structure intuitive;
optimize it for mobile devices;
enhances its performance;
offer an attractive design;
propose relevant content that responds clearly and comprehensively to specific keywords.
This way you will have a better chance of generating qualified traffic.

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